Das Glas bläst unsere Generationen

„The glass blows our generations“

… is about creating illustrations with support of an artificial intelligence, which has contributed itself to write lyrics. Those lyrics still consist mostly of non-related sentences and the content doesn‘t makes any sense.

I interpreted the meaning of the lyrics for me, created pictures with help of the web-application „WordsEye“ and drew the parts by hand, which WordsEye wasn‘t able to generate. The result is a collage with different styles gathered to one picture. It fascinates me that humans can program artificial intelligences but they don‘t know what happens in their “brains” exactly. The result of AI is not foreseeable. Unlike many artists, who rely entirely on artificial intelligence in one form of art, I‘m just using a text-generating-bot and turn the content into an image by myself. I‘m seeing the bot as a tool for getting a new and interesting design solution. My collages have different, composite styles. After completing the illustrations, I animated them as a kind of short films.