Man muss den Salat einfach nur gründlicher waschen // You just have to wash the salad thoroughly

The Chernobyl disaster is associated with high levels of radioactive contamination even after almost thirty-one years. The exclusion zone, which was built within a radius of thirty kilometers, is still closely monitored today and is uninhabitable due to increased radioactive radiation. This work deals with the Chernobyl disaster and its environment. On the one hand, the historical course is shown, on the other hand, a report on the current state of the restricted zone and the nuclear power plant is delievered in parallel. The aim of the publication is to give the reader an insight into the course and consequences of the catastrophe, especially about the long-term consequences of a GAU.
The content of the publication is divided into a historical section, in which historical photos in black and white convey a feeling for the course of the disaster. This is followed by a journey report into the inner and outer zones of Chernobyl, which atmospherically describes the environment with taken photos and written texts. At the same time, through the whole book runs a factually written time log, which appears on a different paper and format in contrast with the „diary“ pages.

SACK UND PACK – Mit dem Rucksack durch Nordeuropa // SACK AND PACK – with the backpack through north europe

Conception and implementation of a new magazine. SACK UND PACK tells about “low-budget-travelling” with the backpack which my comitone and me have experienced ourself. With reports about our experiences in Iceland, Scotland and Norway we want to encourage readers to break out and go new ways. The complete content, which includes texts, photographs, illustrations and layout were created by ourselves. The entire concept was developed in the 6th semester in collaboration with my friend Christina Hartmann.

Design of a book series

Design of a fictional book series about decreased music legends. Cover, logo design and development of a book slipcase which looks like an amplifier. Matching the books you can find respective CDs with music of the artists in a drawer. The cover motives are made with templates and various materials.